Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

This website contains cookies which may be saved by your computer. These cookies may be used to gain an insight into how you found and accessed the website (for example through a search engine on a mobile device). Ruth Baxter Equestrian cannot directly identify you from this information. The information is collated by WordPress/Google Analytics and used to create an insight.
Ruth Baxter Equestrian does not collect personal information through the use of this website, other than any information provided by you when completing a Rider Registration form or when contacting us in any way.
This website is hosted by WordPress and For their privacy policy please visit their respective websites.
All contact made to Ruth Baxter Equestrian should only be made by over 18’s. Under 18’s must ask their parents or guardians to contact us on their behalf. This is to comply with EU regulations and BEF safeguarding policy guidelines. 
Data collected when you contact Ruth Baxter Equestrian via email (including the Rider Registration Form), text message, phone call or social media will be stored in the format it was received (including storage of incoming phone numbers). 
Ruth Baxter Equestrian will require the following information to arrange services (lessons)
  • Your name
  • Contact details – for contact regarding services
  • Details of any medical issues which may affect the services provided
  • Location where lessons are to take place
  • Your current riding ability
  • Age – for consent purposes 
This information will be stored in the rider registration form, to be completed by the rider or their parent. This will collect the same information as stated above, plus an emergency contact and information about consent or none consent for photography. 
This data is required for consent, as well as on a legal basis from the company providing insurance cover for Ruth Baxter Equestrian. The insurance company will only have access to the information in the case of an insurance claim being made, and then only the information relating to the individual involved will be shared. 
Rider registration forms will be stored electronically using the system, in a password protected file. The information will not be shared with any third party other than the emergency services or other relevant parties in the case of an emergency.
Rider registration forms will be destroyed approximately 12 months after services cease – unless they are planned to restart. 
Anyone may request to see the information held on them or request to change the information held on them by emailing
Information must be available whilst services are ongoing due to the high risk nature of horse riding and the necessity for access to information in case of emergency. However if services cease, anyone may request that their information is immediately deleted. 
Information collected in any accident report cannot be deleted for a minimum of 6.5 years. Information collected in an accident report for someone under the age of 18 cannot be deleted until 6.5 years after their 18th birthday. This is in line with legal requirements on behalf of the insurers. 
Mass marketing messages are not used by Ruth Baxter Equestrian. If you wish to stay updated on my work, please like my Facebook Page
Anyone may browse this website, though under 16s should have parental permission. 
Use of this website is limited to those interested in using the services of Ruth Baxter Equestrian. Copying any part of this website or its content is strictly forbidden.
All intellectual property on this website belongs to Ruth Baxter.
This site will be advertised via the use of business cards, physical advertising and social media. 
Although all due care will be taken to protect your information whilst using this site, we also advise using your own online security measures and virus protection in case of external issues. 
In line with ICO requirements.